About the song.

America.  Land of the free, and home of the brave, right?  How and why are we headed down a road that divides us?  This song and this website are here to help you to take courage to find your voice, to stand up for your God given rights that millions have bled and died to defend.  This song was inspired by the song writer's dream of what this country should be, and is skillfully brought to life by the talented Liz Halland whose crystal clear, pensive and delightfully melodic tones give this song it's humble yet profound beginnings during a time of fear and uncertainty.  Trystan Matthews and the production team at 5050 songs adds their collaborative efforts to make this song a memorable one.  We are glad you are here.  Feel free to check back often, as our links and content will be as relevant as the song itself.  Let's head down that road together, arm in arm and hand in hand as we find our voices rising to challenge the agendas afoot, and to send a clear message to those who feel entitled to take that liberty without the consent of WE THE PEOPLE.